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I will not claim to be an expert sewer. I also will not claim every stitch I take or button that is put on is as straight as an arrow. I can guarantee my products are made with lots of love and thought. That's a guarantee! It brings me so much happiness and joy creating these STYLISHLY delicious designs! ENJOY

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I am currently still working on getting this site running, so please forgive how blank it is right now. if you would like to order anything from me please contact me at 805 423 9297, or calijcfreak04@yahoo.com.

If you want to look at some pictures of what I've been making, click on any of the photos to the right. The photo labled PIXIE GIRLS will lead you to all the girls' items. If you click on the LOST BOYS photo, it will lead you to all the boys' items! Have fun exploring, I am so glad you like my designs. Thank you for visiting my site:)

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I am a wife, mother, hairstylist, and designer. The inspiration for the name of my line came from my love of Peter Pan and fairies. Hook could be a sewing term or for Captain J. HOOK, and the thimble is a sewing item, but it is also what Wendy called a KISS.